At K2 Technology we believe in doing things smarter.

To help us do this we’ve created apps and tools to improve our work quality and reduce wasted time.

This is software designed by engineers for engineers.


Our flagship web-enabled staging system that allows us to connect to interface with just about any CMMS or EAMS, visualise and prepare data and produce high quality work for our clients. No installation necessary, just run it off a thumb drive from anywhere in the world.

K2 TagMan

Many companies need to verify their assets periodically but face a significant challenge to efficiently track missing equipment, incorrect locations, missing serial numbers and new undocumented equipment (click here).

K2 DocMan

DocManTM uses proven tablet technology to provide a safe and efficient solution for the management of documents and work-order based activities (click here).

K2 Handover Notes

If you have teams that need to track incidents and information to be passed to other teams, this app will make recording and reviewing information a piece of cake. Take photos, add and edit notes and sync back to a central location using this touch screen mobile tablet technology. Ideally suited to back-to-back shifts.

Excel Add-ins

Our engineers use Excel every day. To make our jobs easier we’ve created widgets that just plug in to Excel, no installation required.

Want More?

Do you have an MS Excel workbook that is falling apart?

Do you need help with an MS Access model?

Do you need some nice charts and graphs?

Or some advanced data querying and analysis?

We can help you take Excel to the next level; be that enhancing your Excel mode, porting to MS Access or helping you create an industry-standard web-enabled Windows or mobile tablet application.

Asset Maintenance data is our speciality. We believe in helping you create a practical solution that you can start using now. So we use an agile methodology – we sit with you, design it and let you try it out. So you end up with something that actually works in the real world.

Come and chat to us, if we can’t help you we can tell you who can.